Do you have an eye for art? You don’t have to be an Art History major to pick up and play!

Every Eidos game is a contest of perception. The Eidos deck has 73 cards, each with 9 different images. Though no 2 cards are identical, any 2 cards share 1 image in common... but can you find it first?

Ancient Egypt, the Dutch Baroque Period, Stone Age Austria, feudal Japan, 20th century Mexico... You’ll find the works of artists you know, as well as time-honored creators whose work speaks for itself.

Eidos is portable play for small gaming terrains. On a gallery bench. In the back seat. At a lunch counter. By the pool. Under an umbrella. Clear the dining room table so everyone can play!

Contents Include:
The Eidos Deck
73 unique cards
Instruction Book. Rules for 7 kinds of gameplay
Fold-out Image Gallery with 73 art pieces identified

Eidos Image Matching Card Game, Great Art