A Smattering of Seemingly Nonsensical British Words and PhrasesTo the average American, British English can be as difficult to decipher as Swahili or ancient Aramaic. Suppose, for example, a Londoner instructs you to “pin back your lug-holes.” How would you perform such a task? Or suppose a Liverpudlian invites you to share his “jam buttie.” Should you turn away in disgust or thank him for his hospitality? The answer to these questions and more await you in this informative and amusing deck of Knowledge.


Each of the 48 cards features, on one side, a bewildering British colloquialism, epithet, or expletive and, on the flip side, its definition, origin, and equivalent in American slang. Language lovers on both sides of the Atlantic will enjoy this pithy romp through the Queen’s English.

Knowledge Cards, The Queen's English


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