As America has made its raucous way from calamity to glory to debacle to triumph, certain former cow pastures, unsuspecting streetcorners, and public and private buildings designed for obscurity have without warning assumed a place in the pages of history. Most of us have some idea what took place near Kitty Hawk, beside Bull Run, at Sutter’s Mill. But who shot whom near Weehawken? To what new avenue of expansion was Buffalo once the gateway? What army was driven from the streets of Washington, D.C., in the twentieth century?


Each of the forty-eight cards in this deck puts you somewhere in America on one side; on the other is a brief summary of What Happened There. With wry wit and solid scholarship, these little essays recount events that still shape the way Americans think and act. This concise reference is as valuable as it is entertaining.

Knowledge Cards, What Happened Here? Events That Shaped American History