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A Passion For Paper Since 1984

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Walking down Fraser Street, you may have passed the windows of The Nittany Quill decorated with beautifully designed, hand-made cards, wedding invitations, and framed quotes. The talented artist Joy Rodgers-Mernin has been the owner of The Nittany Quill since its start in 1984, after she and her husband returned to State College from Boston. The store is filled with Joy’s hand-made paper products, charming printed journals, pens, and even paper earrings. What started out as a small art supply store on Fraser Street is now a business offering an intimate experience with beautiful artwork created by Joy, as well as many other items carefully selected by Joy for her customers.

During her time as a Studio Art Major at Smith College, Joy took a calligraphy class which sparked her interest in print art. After she graduated, Joy took a job working in an art store in Boston where she took advantage of every opportunity to do custom-made work for people. She loved her job at the art store so much, that she decided to open her own business after moving to State College to be closer to her family.

Originally The Nittany Quill was simply an art supply store; but once customers began noticing her intricately designed calligraphy, Joy started selling her hand-made products in the store. Since then, Joy has been hand-crafting graduation certificates, framed quotes, mission statements, poems, booklets, wedding invitations and everything in-between. In addition to her calligraphy, Joy’s custom-made products have become very popular among those who are looking for that extra special gift.

One might think that with the introduction of the internet and online shopping, a store specializing in paper might fall by the wayside. However, even in this digital age, people are recognizing that paper brings a personal touch that can’t be duplicated in pixels. The Nittany Quill has remained a cornerstone shop in Downtown State College. The Nittany Quill keeps things interesting and unique by offering extraordinary paper items year-round. Joy keeps the store stocked with new and fresh items so every time a customer comes in, they get a whole new experience. The Nittany Quill’s tranquil and relaxing atmosphere provides the perfect escape from a busy day. The next time you’re in downtown State College stop into this feel-good store and appreciate the unique artwork; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

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